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Global Thriving at Work Assessment


MindForward Alliance Global Thriving at Work Assessment


MindForward Alliance Global Thriving at Work Assessment consists of two components for organisations looking to measure and benchmark their workplace mental health strategy:

  1. Global Workplace Mental Health Assessment: Measures an organisations’ global workplace mental health strategy and implementation

  2. Minimum Standards: Measures an organisations’ activity at a local level against a set of minimum workplace mental health standards. Designed to enable organisations to undertake an internal maturity comparison.

Assessment benefits


Benefits of MindForward Alliance’s Global Thriving at Work Assessment include:

  • Reporting: a confidential organisation report based on results from the Global Assessment and Minimum Standards

  • 1-1 consultation: 1-1 consultation on report feedback and recommended future actions

  • Peer benchmarking: quantitively benchmark your organisation’s approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing against other global organisations (Global Workplace Mental Health Assessment section only)

  • Country/region comparison: a global map to compare how different countries/regions are scoring against the minimum standards

  • Year-on-year Measurement: measure year on year progress (for those organisations that complete the assessment on an annual basis)

  • Gap analysis: provides a gap analysis against MindForward Alliance’s Global Thriving at Work Framework that will help identify future priorities

  • Accreditation: Global Thriving at Work Digital Badge (for organisations achieving required standard)

  • Best practice: learn from best practices from other organisations to help drive your organisation’s wellbeing strategies



Members: included in membership

Non-members:  contact us for pricing, further information and to see a sample report.