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MindForward Alliance USA


MindForward Alliance USA is a not-for-profit membership organisation.  We believe that the workplace has an opportunity and a responsibility to protect, support and create positive mental health for their people so that they can thrive.

Our vision is to create mentally healthy workplaces and inspire health creation in businesses.

We work with senior business leaders and HR professionals in member organisations and other partners to advance awareness, develop required skills and literacy, and integrate good practice into business operations.


1 in 5

US adults live with a mental health illness

$300 billion

direct cost of mental health treatment in the USA

135 per day

deaths by suicide, highest in 80 years


Upcoming events


Workplace Wellbeing Insights: Navigating the future of remote & hybrid work environments
Thursday 7 March 2024
11:00 - 12:00 EST
Virtual event via Zoom
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MindForward Alliance Global Summit
9-10 May 2024

The evolution of workplace mental health - Navigating the future
More information and pre-register


Leadership team & structure


The Alliance consists of its members, an executive leadership team, and a steering group that guides the program's direction. Additionally, there is an advisory group responsible for exploring and recommending directions on crucial wellbeing topics. This strategy promotes collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing positive mental health within the business community.


Become a member

Join the MindForward community to accelerate your organisation's journey to building a mentally healthy workplace. Contact us to find out about membership.


News and views

USA chair

Kumar Kymal announced as MindForward Alliance US Chair

MindForward Alliance is delighted to announce that Kumar Kymal will take on the role as Chair of MindForward Alliance US.


The first resource of its kind to help global businesses accelerate the pace of change and become mentally healthy workplaces.

This Framework is intended for organisations that are either seeking to develop global mental health and wellbeing approaches or as a baseline for the development of programmes of work in countries and/or cities that are starting their journey. It has been developed using evidence and learning from across the global MindForward membership community on what works in practice, and has been informed by academic research, workplace reports and other resources from across the globe.

Download the Global Framework