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Anastasia Vinnikova
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Anastasia Vinnikova

 UK Head of Workplace Wellbeing

Anastasia works closely with our members and strategic partners in the UK, and is also responsible for curating and delivering the annual programme of events, as well as leading the annual Thriving at Work Assessments.

Anastasia previously led the wellbeing agenda at the Bank of England, and spent 2 years on the Commission for Equality in Mental Health with the Centre for Mental Health . Currently, Anastasia sits on the Samaritans Policy, Partnerships and Research Committee as a Lived Experience Advisor, as well as acting as a Lived Experience Advisor on their Online Excellence Programme. Anastasia is a Trustee of InspireUK , a new charity aiming to provide accessible mental health therapies.

When Anastasia is not focussing her time on mental health advocacy, you can usually find her in an ice rink. As a former competitive figure skater with a sporting career spanning two decades, she still dabbles in the sport that holds such a special place in her heart.