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World Health Organization Mental Health at Work

World Health Organization: Mental Health at Work

WHO and ILO call for new measures to tackle mental health issues at work


‘Be brave, not perfect,’ says MindForward Alliance CEO, Poppy Jaman

In an article with the McKinsey Health Institute, Poppy Jaman, CEO of the MindForward Alliance, shares her journey with mental health challenges. 

How the workplace will change the world

How the workplace will change the world

Poppy Jaman reflects on how the World Health Organization  World Mental Health Report  brings us a clear perspective on the challenge our world faces.

transforming workplace mental health globally

Transforming workplace mental health globally

Introducing MindForward Alliance. A new global chapter from the City Mental Health Alliance which will pioneer workplace wellbeing and mental health best practices globally. This new chapter offers businesses a global membership programme of assessments, events, peer collaboration and workplace toolkits.