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Rethinking psychological health at work - Watch the event and read the key highlights

Rethinking psychological health at work - Watch the event and read the key highlights
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In this session Dr Brian Marien, Co-Founder of The Positive Group explores why psychological fitness sits at the very heart of the future skills agenda. Brian shows how our understanding of psychological health is undergoing a radical transformation in light of remarkable advances across the brain sciences. These insights, drawn from a large body of robust research, are highlighting the profound impact of workplace culture on health, performance and productivity.

Brian outlines the some of the main risk factors and protective factors impacting our psychological wellbeing. In addition, Brian shares how organisations can build a collaborative, affiliative, supportive environment that helps to attract and retain the best talent, mitigate stress and future proof their business.

In this excerpt Dr Brian Marien shares the impact of stress on cognitive function. 

View the full session   for a one-time payment of £30.00. If you are a MindForward Alliance or CMHA member contact  Vicki Haxton  to access a free copy of this recording.

Key takeaways from the event included:

  • Workplaces have a major opportunity to help their people prevent psychological difficulties, and to recover their psychological equilibrium.
  • Research shows that social support can reduce incidence of mental illness, lower blood pressure, boost our immune systems and increase coping and resilience. Organisations have a major role to play here, by creating a sense of psychological safety and belonging. 
  • There are three things needed to build this supportive culture:
  1. Invest in psychological education - education is liberating, it takes away shame and stigma and helps people build their personal resilience
  2. Leadership - the tone from the top. A culture of social support and intelligent kindness has to come from the top.
  3. Investment - make this part of CPD, top-down and bottom-up, deep, experiential and social to ensure that training is embedded and leads to behaviour change.

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