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Client testimonials and attendee feedback


Would recommend this course

On a scale of 1 to 10, would you recommend this course to others (where 10 = definitely recommend and 1 = would not recommend)?


Client testimonials


"Our attendees not only valued the chance to refresh their skills and make it relevant for the current environment, but they also appreciated the opportunity to share their Mental Health First Aid experiences and learn from each other."


"All 16 Bank colleagues enjoyed the course, and came away with added confidence, skills and knowledge to provide a new layer of mental health and wellbeing support."


We really appreciated the perspectives MindForward Alliance brought to the table. We ended up holding a panel event which received fantastic feedback both in terms of the openness and honesty of those participating.


Attendee feedback

“This 2 day course has so much packed in and what isn't covered can be found in the handbook provided. Also the encouragement to keep in touch is invaluable and feels like the support and learning continues long after the sessions end. I would recommend anyone and everyone to have mental health first aid training, you never know when it may be needed.”

MH Champions CPD Refresher

“The hosts have been amazing and very easy to engage with which made the sessions very enjoyable.”

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

“The course was fantastic. It covered such a lot in a short time and in some depth too. I think I will find useful for myself as well as dealing with others. Thank you.”

MHFA 2-day course

“I thought the host was fantastic, I felt confident in his knowledge and comfortable speaking with him. The breakout rooms worked really well and its an easier way to speak in the detail you require when its in the smaller groups.”

MHFA 2-day course

“Engaging and knowledgeable presenters who are clearly very passionate about what they do, open, honest and transparent conversations in a safe space.”

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

“This training session was thought-provoking and forward looking, with theoretical content being bought to life by a trainer with good knowledge of the issues being discussed. I would thoroughly recommend.”

Mental Health & Race course

“What a productive two days; if more people took the time to attend courses like this maybe the world would be so much better for those that are in need.”

MHFA 2-day course

“I enjoyed the way it was delivered, it felt like a safe and open place to discuss things. The use of the videos I believe were a very effective and engaging. I would love to be more involved in mental health!”

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

"Well structured, highly professional, excellent engagement and collaboration. The openness and candour at the outset and throughout the sessions eliminated any potential stigmatisms or concerns discussing the topics around Mental Health.”

Mental Health Awareness for Managers course

“I sometimes feel a bit dubious doing courses, as it really depends on those running it as to whether you get the most out of it. Jaan and Kate have been fantastic and I'm so pleased I was given a place on this course. The external sources and videos were very powerful, as were the exercises.”

Mental Health First Aid 2-day course

“Good interactive discussion, people were open and the presenter was very knowledgeable and personable.”

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

“Awesome course - told it straight and tackled tough issues.”

Mental Health First Aid 2-day course

“The pace of the course was just about right, presented by very knowledgeable trainer(s). It was both engaging and informative. Well done.”

Mental Health First Aid 2-day course

“Really insightful and interactive course. Recommend this to anyone to learn a bit more about mental health issues and how to support colleagues and loved ones.”

Mental Health First Aid 2-day course

“The facilitator was simply excellent! Being a remote training session, the apt use of technology is highly commendable and the session engaging. The session may well continue to be delivered remotely even when the lockdown is over.”

Mental Health First Aid 2-day course

“Content was balanced between informative and engaging which showed through the contribution from attendees.” Mental Health Awareness for Managers course