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Announcing MindForward Alliance UK

Announcing MindForward Alliance UK
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The City Mental Health Alliance UK changes name to  MindForward   Alliance UK.

Today marks a new era for the City Mental Health Alliance UK (CMHA), as it changes its name to  MindForward  Alliance UK.   

The   Alliance was founded by a group of brave business leaders in London’s Square Mile over a decade ago, with the  objective   of  bringing businesses together to  challeng e   stigma and increas e   mental health awareness in City businesses. Since then ,   the  collaborative  Alliance has grown in terms of geography, scope of activity ,   and impact. This has included:  

  • Introduc ing   a workplace membership programme to support businesses to build mentally healthy workplaces – not just in the  City , but for the UK   
  • Launching  an   evidence-based  Workplace Mental Health  Benchmarking Assessment   
  • Sharing pioneering workplace mental health guidance and resources  widely with all workplaces  
  • Founding the   Thriving  From   The   Start Network –  a   free   mental health network for young professionals    
  • Building a global  training division   for workplace mental health  
  • Establishing  a presence   and offering workplace programmes across the world, including  in  Hong Kong, Australia/New Zealand, Singapore,  India   and Portugal – many of which  launched as  the  MindForward   Alliance  brand    

Th e   name change brings the UK chapter in line with the brand name  of   the organisation’s  international  operations.  

Alison  Unsted , CEO of  Mindforward   Alliance explains, “The City Mental Health Alliance has come a long way since 2012, fuelled by the passion and purpose of our member businesses. Our UK membership network extends well beyond the “City ”,   to across the country . And we have a growing international  MindForward   Alliance footprint.   And we believe it the time is right to now align our name in the UK with our international brand.  It is exciting, because this name change reflects how our Alliance is now  operating : as   one collaborative, powerful organisation with a global outlook, which has a growing number of regional chapters around the world.  Each   chapter, including  MindForward   Alliance UK, has specialist knowledge to address the unique  needs  of people and businesses in the local market.”   

“While our name has changed in the UK, our purpose has not.  MindForward   Alliance UK will continue to bring members together to share good practice, while offering the evidence-based tools, workplace training and strategic guidance to help organisations to build mentally healthy workplaces so that their people and their business can thrive.”  

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