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Dr Cecile Bowie
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Dr Cecile Bowie


With more than 21 years of experience in the field (including psychiatry, forensics and prison), Cecile has outstanding course facilitating skills and an ability to transform complex concepts into accessible and relatable ideas.

French and living in the UK since 2006, she has a keen interest in the influence of cultures on the outlook of mental health and has worked in the public health sector on national schemes aiming at rendering health care more culturally relevant and competent.

As a doctor in psychoanalytic studies and, currently, a clinical psychoanalytical psychotherapist trainee, her approach to all work is one of empathy, congruence, and realism.

Distinguishing between organizational and systemic challenges, she supports leadership and their teams to proactively influence what they have the power to change, and to renegotiate what they cannot by learning how to navigate less versatile situations.


Cecile’s current research focuses on neurodiversity and the development of programs enabling leadership to hone skills aiming at recruiting and supporting employees with diagnosed/undiagnosed autism, ADHD and dyslexia to thrive.

Cecile has worked with leadership in a wide variety of sectors including finance, health, diplomacy, legal, travel, military, higher education, advertising/communication/social media, nuclear weapons, pharmaceutical; and her deliveries are a measured mix of absolute seriousness and necessary humour.