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NEW! Neurodiversity and Wellbeing in the Workplace - Essentials

NEW!  Neurodiversity and Wellbeing in the Workplace - Essentials
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Length:        60-90 mins

Group Size:  5 - 35

Audience:     All employees, but particularly relevant to People Managers with neurodivergent team members


In a recent survey carried out by the CIPD, over one third of neurodivergent employees surveyed said their experience at work in relation to their neurodivergence had had a negative impact on their mental wellbeing.  Lack of understanding around differences in communication styles, how we process information or experience the world can mean some neurodivergent employees feel excluded and not psychologically safe at work. This course gives attendees an introduction to neurodiversity and discusses the impact neurodivergent conditions can have on mental health and on an individual's ability to flourish in the workplace. Attendees will gain an understanding of how they can create positive change to make their workplaces and teams more neuroinclusive.   

Course outcomes

This course will provide attendees with an introduction to neurodiversity, including:

    • An understanding of terms and language - giving you the basic knowledge and awareness to be able to have conversations about neurodiversity with sensitivity and respect.  
    • An explanation of key neurodivergent conditions and strengths associated with neurodivergence.  
    • An exploration of neurodiversity and mental health - why do we see higher rates of mental health difficulties in neurodivergent individuals?  What role does the workplace play? 
    • An understanding of the different ways in which difficulties with mental health and well-being at work may present for neurodivergent colleagues.  And common misunderstandings.  
    • Ideas about what colleagues and managers can do to provide support including adapting communication to have productive and sensitive conversations about well-being with neurodivergent colleagues.   

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