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Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
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Essentials course:  90 mins

Advanced course:  3hrs

Group size:           5- 35 

Audience:             All


This course can be delivered out to your general population as part of a wider programme to improve awareness and decrease stigma around talking about mental health. It will ensure attendees understand the essentials of workplace mental health and what they can do to support their own and their colleagues’ wellbeing. A combination of knowledge and skills development means all participants leave the course with a personalised action plan enabling them to implement these back into their workplace.

The course will look at the business case for mental health, defining what we mean by mental health and looking at the concept of the mental health spectrum. It goes on to examine common causes of work-related stress and its contribution to mental ill health, including key factors that contribute to work-related stress. The course goes on to consider how individuals can support their own mental health, as well as practicing listening and communication skills to have appropriate and effective mental health conversations with colleagues. This learning is put into practice with some tailored case studies and discussion.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this interactive course, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand the mental health spectrum, and identify the main signs and symptoms of common mental health issues
  • Understand their own mental health and wellbeing and how to protect and nurture it
  • Confidently have an open and appropriate conversation about mental health with colleagues
  • Know internal wellbeing resources so that they can direct colleagues to support and access it for themselves
  • Understand how they can actively support and develop a mentally healthy workplace

What this course will cover

  • Defining what we mean by mental health
  • The business case for mental health - why it should be a workplace agenda
  • Understanding mental health spectrum and your own stress signature
  • Understanding the causes of and how to manage stress, including the stress container model
  • Self-care and how to build resilience, including the 5 ways to wellbeing
  • Signs and symptoms of mental ill health – psychological, behavioural, physical
  • How to have a mental health conversation using our CMHA Framework
  • Active listening skills
  • Understanding stigma
  • Understanding of internal support and resources
  • Reflections and next steps

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